Using Evernote to Support Online Inquiry

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What is Evernote?
Evernote is a suite of web-based tools that allow you to capture and organize everything you want to keep as you build projects, and research ideas on the Web. In Evernote, you create notes that are stored in notebooks. Notes can be typed lists of ideas, images that you upload or capture from the web, and annotated .pdf documents. They can include audio files, snapshots that you take witih your webcam and other documents you upload from your computer. You can add collaborators to your notebooks and be invited by others to share in their work too. You can also keep your notebooks private. Evernote syncs across your devices. It works on iPad, Adroid, Windows, Mac. Evernote does have solutions for school or district-wide roll outs. You can use Evernote for free. Premium accounts cost $4.99 per month or $49.99/year which buys you more space, tech support and more collaborative features.

How can I access Evernote? [for capturing and annotating screenshots and .pdf documents] [For Teachers] [For School-Wide Collaboration]

Evernote Examples
1. Getting Started: Using Evernote to create notes, organize them in notebooks and clip useful screenshots from the web.

2. Evernote Library: Evernote has a substantial library of video tutorials to support your learning trajectory.
Here’s the link to the library:|1|1

Here are a few direct links to short videos that may be of interest.
Introducing Evernote:
How a School Deployed Evernote:
Introducing Skitch:

Key Features
In my video, I used Notes, Skitch and WebClipper to save and annotate resources that I plan to use in the development of my Wonderopolis-inspired Wonder. I also emailed a note to myself. These are basic functions.
Other functions to explore:
  • Viewing others’ notes and adding notes to shared notebooks
  • Annotation features -- what can you do? How would you use these?
  • Tagging notes for easy searching
  • Social network interactions and public URLs -- how can you share your work with your PLN?

Mini Task
  • In 20 minutes, what resources can you find and save to an Evernote Notebook that could be used in the construction of your learning tasks this week?
  • To test out “sharing”, share your notebook with your #digiURI partner and with Michelle so we can all see/project what you’ve saved and organized by the end of the session.

Consider the following questions:
  • How could you use this tool to support online inquiry?