Google Drive as a Collaboration tool/Jonathan Friesem (room 228)

CONTEXT: What is Google Drive? (5-10 minutes)
Google Drive is a cloud-based productivity applications (such as a word processor, data analysis, image editor, presentation creator, and survey generator) that is stored on your Gmail account and synchronizes with other users while the file is being edited. Video tutorial

How can I access Google Drive?
Google Drive is a free 5 giga storage that is embedded in your Gmail/Google+ account. Once you create your Google account you can start using Google Drive. Internet users without a Google account can be shared and edit the document, but cannot create a new file.

Finished Example:
Google Document - Word Processor application

Google Spreadsheet

Google Presentation

Google Form

Google Drawing - Image Editor application

Key features: In this session we will mainly use Google Doc. For learning how to use it go to video tutorial. In this video you will learn to open a Google Document, share, and main features needed for working on the file.

MINI-TASK (15 minutes) and REFLECTION (5 minutes)
Create a collaborative lesson plan about the use of Google Drive in a group of three using Google Doc. Each group will create a Google Document, share it with the two other participants. Once everybody is on board, start creating the plan for our dinner party. The Google Document will need to have the following information: Four course menu (including recipes), Audience, Venue, and dress code. This activity will be done silently and collaboratively using the chat feature to talk between the group, and the comment feature to reflect upon the other’s work. After ten minutes the different groups will share their experience.

Reflection prompt:
How can I use the Google Applications for my teaching or students’ learning?
How can Google Drive applications enhance my students' collaboration?

7:17 Minutes overview of Google Drive
5:42 Minutes tutorial of Google Drive
For a deeper tutorial go to Alexander Anson's videos tutorial page