Cool Tools Session

Online Polls - Easy Tools to Engage and Assess

Presenter: Mary Moen

CONTEXT: (5-10 minutes)

What are online polls?
Poll Everywhere and Socrative are online multi-purpose audience response systems. Polleverywhere, a live polling program, is a fun way to engage your audience with live results on any question you create. Socrative is an efficient and effective student response system that can be used to create quizzes, exit tickets and games. These easy-to-use tools will enhance classroom engagement, assessment and personalization.

How can I access Poll Everywhere and Socrative?
It takes about 30 seconds to sign-up for a free Poll Everywhere account - __
Registering for Socrative as a teacher is also free and can be done easily at __ .
(Both can be upgraded for a fee to access more advanced features).

Examples. Poll Everywhere:
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Example: Socrative exit slip:
external image 1qR4IIlt7ibU9Te0vOtpVIT_MFaXjE2nwNk-gF0UDUHyHC0fkkmjZbn_au-7N0NsAoNKCw5vsy_kM3bfS1Wbl3OmB5rN5JKH4tgr2bFQjt-HwK8cGQBSdl5i

Both of these tools are a great way to use mobile devices in the classroom. In this Cool Tools session, you can choose which tool you would like to focus on.

1. Key features for Free Version of Poll Everywhere
  • Maximum audience size for free version is 40
  • Audience can respond via Smartphones, Twitter or Web Browser
  • Live updates of data charts
  • Downloadable as a PowerPoint presentation
  • Ability to grade responses and moderate responses available for $50/yr subscription.
Polleverywhere tutorial video
Poll Everywhere pricing plan information and videos

2. Key features for Socrative (free)
  • Audience can respond via tablets, smartphones & laptops
  • Student name on every response
  • Ability to create quiz templates
  • Ability to grade answers
  • Reports via Google Spreadsheet or Excel sent to your email
  • Ability for students to see answers on their device
Socrative How-to Videos

Mini-Task Options: (15 minutes)
  • Create a three question multiple choice quiz about a topic in your discipline. Use both multiple choice and open responses. Add grading feature to multiple choice.
  • Create an Exit slip template that could be used for any lesson.
  • Practice asking and answering questions using both your phone and computer.

Reflection: (5 minutes)
  • How might this tool be useful in your workplace?
  • Do you see this tool as useful for your Design Studio project?