The Cellular Divide: Exploring Celly and Text Messaging in the Classroom.


CONTEXT: (5-10 minutes)
What is Celly?
Celly is a mobile social network tool where small social networks, called cells, can be created. Anyone that has a cell phone with text messaging capabilities can be part of a created cell no matter how many people are in the cell. Members can join instantly with one text and exchange group messages, polls, reminders and web alerts.

For classroom and school use, students, teachers, and educators can communicate freely while keeping phone numbers private. Group messages can be moderated by one or more curators to keep conversations on-topic and friendly.

Uses include:
Journal Prompts
Digital Exit Slips
Digital Literature Circles
Staff Meetings - Back Channeling
PD Events
Book Suggestion - Given Poll questions by librarians
Homework Reminders

How can I access Celly?
Android Market
Non-smart phones
Users can access their accounts with their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Finished Example 1 and 2.



Why Students like Celly video

Celly Features Youtube Video by me

Yet another video explaining Celly

MINI-TASK (15 minutes) and REFLECTION (5 minutes)

Create a prompt or small task that asks participants to create something small in 15 minutes to demonstrate success with your tool.

Reflection prompt: (Choose 1 or if you have time, respond to both)

(We will do the reflection using Celly and the cell I have created for RI)
  • What other ways could Celly be used in a language arts classroom besides the list of suggestions given above? What hurdles do you see with this particular digital tool? Could this be a beneficial tool for principals or librarians? Explain.

  • Do you feel it is necessary for students to be more formal with their text writing or should they be allowed use their own text language?


Celly and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
Remind 101 - alternate to Celly