Cool Tools Review and Application Plan

On the wiki, write a review and reflection of the Cool Tools sessions you attended. Describe the tools, imagine a specific application that could be relevant to your learning environment, and consider both affordances and constraints of using this tool for your specific learning purpose. Describe a lesson or unit plan in which you put at least one of these tools into action as an instructor and foresee having your students engaging in activities using these tools for content specific learning. Use the Digital Literacy Curriculum Framework (Flower Model) to guide your thinking. Upload your writing to the wiki.

Cool Tool Review Features:
1. Did your review include a description of the features of the tool, a description of the specific teaching/learning purpose you would use it for, the affordances and constraints of the tool to accomplish your purpose.

Cool Tool Application Plan:
1. Your mini-lesson plan includes a brief description about the Flower Model that includes context, task/scenario, content, pedagogy, and assessment.