How effective has the US government been with its recent interventions in influencing international crises?

Group 4: How has the US government influenced the genocide crisis in Darfur?

Map of Sudan and surrounding regions
Map of Sudan and surrounding regions

Darfur region, located in Sudan

Continent: Northern Africa

Population: 41,087,825 (July 2009 est.)

Area: 2,505,810 sq km

Ethnic groups: Over 500 different ethnic groups and tribes

Languages: Arabic, estimated over 400 indigenous languages and dialects, English

Religions: Muslim, Christian, indigenous religions


"For decades, tension has existed in Darfur between the needs of the non-Arab, so-called “African” tribes, who generally live sedentary lives in villages and farms, and the nomadic Arabs who need land on which to graze their cattle, camels and other livestock. In February 2003, however, the tension exploded into a heated and prolonged conflict when the Government of Sudan (GOS) began to carry out a violent campaign against the rebel groups. In retaliation against the rebel groups, the GOS and Arab militia known as the Janjaweed (or devils on horseback) have not only engaged in battles with the rebel groups, but have carried out a scorched earth policy against civilians (primarily members of the Massalit, Fur, and Zaghawa tribal groups) who share the same ethnicity as the rebel groups. In doing so, the GOS and the Janjaweed have burned hundreds of villages to the ground, carried out ethnic cleansing (in which approximately two million people have been driven from their homes)."
-Journal of Genocide Research, Volume 7 (2), 2005

"Violence against women, including rape, remains widespread, particularly in Darfur in and around camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Throughout Sudan, the government routinely represses human rights defenders, political opponents and ordinary civilians, subjecting many to torture and other forms of ill-treatment." -Amnesty International

"In September 2004, the U.S. government declared the conflict in Darfur a "genocide." While the United Nations, the African Union, and the European Union disagreed that genocide had occurred, they all accused the Sudanese government and its allied militias of committing crimes against humanity. "
-U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

"121 countries have ratified a request for pressing criminal charges through the International Criminal Court against the Governement of Sudan. However, the United States has not, because they believe their own soldiers will be charged under frivalous means." -BBC


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