Inquiry Process Daily Benchmarks for the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy

Use the following Inquiry Process Benchmarks to help your team stay focused on the process and the products of learning that you will share on Friday in the Design Studio Showcase.

In preparation for Monday, please complete the following tasks. This will take about 20 minutes:
  1. Watch "Beginning with the End in Mind: An Overview of the Institute" (5 minutes) video by Julie Coiro
  2. Complete the Institute survey by following this link:
  3. The survey is part of our ongoing effort to monitor professional development in related to digital literacy here at the University of Rhode Island. We will ask you to complete this survey again toward the end the Institute on Friday. (About 10 minutes)
  4. Read the information on “Design Studio and Creating Your Project Based Inquiry (PBI)” and “Digital Literacy Curriculum Framework” to get your brain ready for the key ideas of the Institute.
  5. In order to make the most of the Cool Tools and Hot Topics Sessions, please review your options and install/create logins for those you might be interested in attending. We will ask you to sign up for these sessions at the end of each day at the Institute. Be intentional about choosing tools that will help you be innovative as you design your inquiry project. You might consider going to a different tools session than your partner and then sharing what you learned from each when you work together in Design Studio.

  • Do have you an inquiry partner?
  • Have you and your partner agreed on a compelling question for your Project Based Inquiry (PBI) process?
  • Have you targeted several new tools to incorporate into your PBI?
  • Have you considered each of the elements of the Digital Literacy Curriculum Framework as part of your instructional plan?
  • Have you started writing your Pre-Production Plan?

  • Are you going through the PBI process with intention?
  • Are you gathering and analyzing information to inform your instructional plan?
  • Are you creatively synthesizing your content and technology into an innovative instructional plan?
  • How will you assess student learning (formative and summative)? What digital product will you create as an example of this learning?
  • Are you ensuring innovative and creative use(s) of technology to support your instructional plan?
  • Are you pushing beyond your comfort levels with technology use?

  • Have you critically evaluated and revised your instructional plan? Is it aligned with Common Core/Essential Standards (if applicable)?
  • Have you incorporated ways for students to publish and share their work?
  • Do you have a completed instructional plan posted on your wiki?
  • Do you have a technology product that supports your instructional plan?
  • Do you have a technology product example/model of what it is you want students to create?
  • Have you leveraged your evolving understanding of Digital Literacy Curriculum Design in your instructional plan?
  • Have you been intentional about building in ample time for students to be creative and work at the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy?
  • Are you being intentional about ways that you will be a teacher leader at your school and beyond?

  • Have you shared your instructional plan and related technology products with the group?
  • Have you reflected on your learning experiences for the week? Can you articulate your take-away ideas?
  • Have you developed an action plan to share your experience and expertise (as a teacher leader) with your colleagues?
  • Will you go forth and stay connected with your new Summer Institute in Digital Literacy colleagues?