Post-Production Reflection.
On Friday morning, just before Design Studio Showcase, you will use a flip cam to record a short oral reflection and debriefing where you describe a) the creative process, b) what you learned about yourself, and c) how you will implement this project in working with your own students.

Once your recording is created, you will embed your video at the top of your dyad's wikispace by following these steps:

1. Move the video file from the flip cam onto your computer.
2. Select the Edit Tab.
3. ** Put your cursor beneath your name and project title on your dyad's wikispace page (this will be the location where your video will be inserted).
4. Select File from the Toolbar.
5. Select "Upload" from the window.
6. Navigate to your desktop and select the video, and click on "Open".
7. Wait a few seconds while the video loads at the top of the file list window - when the movie icon appears, your file is ready.
8. Click on the file icon and a grey video box will be inserted on your wikispace page.
9. Click "Save" on the Toolbar to see your video embedded into your wikispace.

Quality Elements Checklist:
  • Does your reflection include a clear and brief description of the creative process used to design lesson(s)?
  • Does your reflection provide evidence that each partner actively contributed to project design & creation of digital products?
  • Does your reflection provide a thoughtful reflection of what each of you learned about yourselves through this process?
  • Does your reflection provide a clear description of how each partner will implement this project (or some part) in working with own students?