Pre-Production Plan

This production plan is designed to help the reader/viewer visualize your project before you create it. Use the questions below to help you plan in ways that align aspects of critical thinking with broad categories of inquiry focusing on authors, audiences, messages, language, values, and representation. During Tuesday's Digging Deeper session, you will work with your partner to create a short screencast that shares your plan with others.

  • Who are the members of your authorship team?

  • What is your purpose? (e.g., informative, entertaining, persuasive)

  • Who is your specific target audience? (e.g., teenagers, adults, certain occupation)

  • What genre or form of message do you wish to share with others? (e.g. blog, tweet, novel, webpage)

  • What is the key content of your message?

  • What values will be communicated through image, language, and sound?

  • What creative techniques will you use to attract and hold audience attention?

Please note: As you work with digital media texts created by others, these questions are also useful in supporting readers to think critically about how media messages are constructed and how they play a role in people’s understanding of reality.

Did you....
Identify your authorship team?
Articulate your purpose?
Identify your target audience?
Identify your genre or message type?
Outline the key content of your message?
Articulate the values communicated in your message?
Articulate creative techniques (and examples) you will use to hold your audience's attention?